TensCare Kegel Toner Pelvic Floor Exerciser
 TensCare Kegel Toner Pelvic Floor ExerciserTensCare Kegel Toner Pelvic Floor Exerciser 

TensCare Kegel Toner Pelvic Floor Exerciser

  • Electrical pelvic floor trainer
  • For treating postpartum and menopausal incontinence
  • Easy-to-use and effective treatment
  • Results in less than 4 weeks
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TensCare Kegel Toner Pelvic Floor Exerciser

Incontinence is a well-documented part of postpartum recovery and menopause, but for many women accidental leakage can be an embarrassing trait that can continue for the rest of their lives. By exercising your pelvic floor muscles with the TensCare Kegel Toner Pelvic Floor Exerciser, you can stop accidental leakage in its tracks and beat all forms of incontinence.

Please note that pelvic floor trainers should only be used at least 6 weeks after vaginal childbirth.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Kegel Toner Continence Stimulator
  • 1 x Lead Wire
  • 1 x Liberty Kegel Trainer 
  • 2 x AA 1.5V Alkaline Batteries

What Causes Weak Pelvic Floor Muscles?

There are several reasons your pelvic floor might be weakened:

  • Pregnancy: Holding all your baby weight causes your pelvic floor to stretch twice its normal size, reducing strength post-pregnancy.
  • Weight Gain: The extra weight we carry weakens the pelvic floor because these muscles naturally have more to hold up.
  • Menopause: Hormone levels are decreased during menopause, which causes skin and muscles to lose elasticity. 
  • Explosive Exercise: Jumping, lifting and high impact exercises put  pressure on your pelvic floor. This will make them weaker in the long term.

How Do I Use the TensCare Kegel Toner?

  1. Connect the unit with the vaginal probe.
  2. Insert the vaginal probe.
  3. Press and hold the ON button to switch Kegel Toner on.
  4. Select the programme by pressing the button P.
  5. Regulate output intensity with the UP and DOWN arrows.
  6. Press and hold the OFF button to switch Kegel Toner off.

What Position Is Best When Using the TensCare Kegel Toner?

You can use the TensCare Kegel Toner in any position, but users usually find it most comfortable reclining on the sofa or lying in bed with the knees slightly drawn up. It's important to find a comfortable position before beginning your 20 minute sessions.

Finding a Comfortable Position
It's important to find a comfortable position for your pelvic floor exercises

How Long Should I Use the Kegel Pelvic Exerciser For?

We recommend using the Kegel Toner for just 20 minutes a day, while you're watching TV, lying in bed or just relaxing. Traditional treatment time with the "Pelvic Floor Workout" programme is for a period of 12 weeks, however many women notice significant results in as little as 3 - 4 weeks.

What Should I Do After My Incontinence Has Cleared?

After your initial treatment period is over, the "Aftercare Toning" programme should be used for 20 minutes once a week. This will maintain your pelvic floor's newly strengthened condition.

What Types of Incontinence Does the Kegel Toner Treat?

The Kegel Toner is suitable for the three primary types of incontinence outlined below:

  • Stress Incontinence: Involuntary leakage of urine when you cough, sneeze or make a sudden movement. This form of incontinence is very common in women and occurs when the bladder neck and the other mechanisms that act to hold urine in the bladder are not working properly.
  • Urge Incontinence: This is essentially an overactive bladder. You may experience a strong and sudden urge to go to the toilet but are not always able to hold on, or have to go so frequently that it becomes inconvenient. 
  • Mixed Incontinence: A combination of both Stress and Urge Incontinence.

How Does the Kegel Pelvic Floor Exerciser Boost Sexual Arousal?

The Kegel Toner not only treats incontinence – strong pelvic floor muscles mean increased sensitivity during sex and stronger orgasms for women. By using the "Pelvic Floor Workout" programme, you can train your pelvic floor muscles for increased sexual satisfaction.

Features and Benefits of the Kegel Toner Pelvic Floor Trainer

  • Powered muscle stimulator and vaginal probe
  • Medically tested and certified
  • Targets bladder incontinence at its source
  • Trains and strengthens pelvic floor muscles
  • Fitted with two programmes for primary and post-treatment
  • Easy-to-use with results apparent within 3 - 4 weeks

Non-Returnable on the Grounds of Hygiene

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