TensCare Tortoo Turtle Baby Bath Thermometer
 TensCare Tortoo Turtle Baby Bath ThermometerTensCare Tortoo Turtle Baby Bath Thermometer 

TensCare Tortoo Turtle Baby Bath Thermometer

  • Turtle-shaped bath thermometer for children
  • Allows you to check the temperature of your baby's bath
  • Large LCD screen provides quick and easy readings
  • Includes two cell batteries (2 x LR44)
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TensCare Tortoo Turtle Baby Bath Thermometer

Bath time is a fun bonding experience between parents and children, but keeping your bath a safe temperature is essential to protect your child from burns or scalding. Designed to make bath time a safer time, the TensCare Tortoo Turtle Baby Bath Thermometer is a turtle-shaped thermometer with a large LCD display which indicates the bath's temperature.

What Age Range Is the Tortoo Turtle Bath Thermometer Suitable For?

As soon as your baby is ready for baths, the Tortoo Thermometer can be used as a means to regulate bath temperatures. We would recommend using the thermometer for normal-sized baths for babies aged 12 months onwards.

How Do I Use the TensCare Turtle Bath Thermometer?

  1. Tap on the side to switch on
  2. Place into water, ensure the temperature is even
  3. Read temperature (Should be below 38⁰C)
  4. To change mode, press the button ⁰C/⁰F
  5. After use, wipe dry with a towel

How to read the bath's temperature
Use the LCD screen to read your bath's temperature

Is the TensCare Baby Bath Thermometer Water-Resistant?

Yes, the TensCare Bath Thermometer is built to resist water. Just make sure the waterproof battery lid is properly attached, and your thermometer is ready to go!

Can My Child Play With the Thermometer?

The Tortoo Thermometer is purpose-built for play! Its tortoise design has been chosen to allow it to blend in with your child's other toys - just remember to be always present with your child as they bathe with this thermometer.

How Long Does the Battery Last?

The TensCare Tortoo Thermometer is designed to provide around 1 year of battery life with the batteries included. These batteries (LR44) can be easily replaced.

What Size Is the Tortoo Turtle Thermometer?

The Tortoo Turtle Thermometer is sized as the following:

  • Size Dimensions: (Diameter) 65mm, (Height) 50mm


  • Do not put under direct sunlight
  • Do not disassemble this product, unless you are changing the battery
  • Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times when using this product

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Non-Returnable on the Grounds of Hygiene

To ensure that all products that reach our customers are of the highest possible quality, we do NOT accept returns on this item. This is due to hygiene concerns please bear this mind prior to placing your order.

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