Beurer LR200 Compact Air Purifier
Beurer LR200 Compact Air PurifierBeurer LR200 Compact Air PurifierBeurer LR200 Compact Air Purifier

Beurer LR200 Compact Air Purifier

  • Air purifier for cleansing the air in homes
  • Ideal for smaller children's rooms
  • Filter offers 99.5% effectiveness
  • Automatic switch-off safety feature
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Beurer LR200 Compact Air Purifier

The amount of pollutants floating around most households would put strain on anyone's respiratory system, but they can be especially detrimental for young children. The Beurer LR200 Compact Air Purifier uses its three-layer filter system to thoroughly cleanse the air, helping protect the respiratory health of your whole family. Its compact size means it will barely take up any space, making it ideal for smaller rooms.

What's Included In My Purchase?

  • 1x Air Purifier
  • 1x Combi Filter (activated carbon/EPA filter class E 12)
  • 1x Pre-Filter
  • Instruction Manual

What Makes The LR200 Air Purifier Perfect for a Nursery?

Newborns and young children have developing lungs that are especially vulnerable to certain respiratory problems caused by poor air quality. A fantastic choice for use in your child's room of nursery, the Beurer LR200 can cleanse the air of up to 99.5% of toxins, features an automatic switch off for safer use, and an extra-quiet mode for use during the night and and nap times.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Compact size is perfect for smaller rooms
  • Three-layer filter system thoroughly cleans air
  • Filters dust, animal hair, odours, pollen, bacteria and viruses
  • Suitable for room size of up to 28m²
  • Filter can clear up to 99.5% of pollutants from the air
  • Optional ion feature offers additional air cleaning
  • Night mode offers quieter operation and dimmed lights for use during sleep
  • Three levels, timer function and filter change indicator for easy use
  • Added automatic switch-off feature for safety
  • Supplied with a 3-year manufacturer's warranty

How Does the Beurer LR200 Compact Air Purifier Work?

The Beurer LR200 Compact Air Purifier uses a three layer filter system as well as an optional ion function to cleanse the air of pollutants. To learn more about how the Beurer LR200 Air Purifier works, watch the video below or take a look at the instruction manual at the bottom of the page.

Technical Specifications

  • Filter Performance: 99.5%
  • Output in Watts: Approximately 60W
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 275 x 175 x 308mm
  • Weight: 2.9kg

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