Real Shades Explorer Red/Black Sunglasses for Toddlers

Real Shades Explorer Red/Black Sunglasses for Toddlers

  • Flexible red/black sunglasses with an adjustable head strap
  • Suitable for toddlers from two to four years old
  • Rugged design is ideal for withstanding inquisitive kids
  • Provide 100% UVA/UVB protection
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Real Shades Explorer Red/Black Sunglasses for Toddlers

Rugged, flexible and stylish, the Real Shades Explorer Red/Black Sunglasses for Toddlers are the ultimate solution for keeping your little one safe on summer holidays, trips to the beach or even playing in the back garden. The Explorer range is designed for inquisitive, outdoorsy children who require sunglasses that can withstand a little adventure!

What Age Range Are the Explorer Sunglasses Suitable For?

The Real Shades Explorer Sunglasses are suitable for toddlers from the ages of two till four.

Tough, Flexible Frames

If your child is the type that loves exploring, they need a pair of glasses that can keep up with them. The frames of the Real Shades Explorer Glasses can be bent and flexed without breaking, making them resistant against even the most curious toddler.

How Much Protection Do the Real Shades Explorer Glasses Offer?

To ensure that your toddler has the best eye protection, the Real Shades Explorer Sunglasses provide 100% UVA/UVB protection. The Explorer Glasses have a wraparound design that protect your child's eyes from all sides.

Child wearing Real Shades Explorer Sunglasses
The Explorer Shades have a wraparound design that better protects your child's eyes

Are Other Colours Available?

We know that every parent has their own style when it comes to their kids and the Real Shades Sunglasses facilitate this by being available in a wide selection of fun colours. The available options include:

These glasses are supplied in a Red/Black design with black predominantly used around the lenses and red used for the arms and strap. The cool red and black colouring of the glasses is just-right for outdoors adventures.

How Do the Explorer Glasses Stay On?

Many toddlers have a knack for taking off any piece of clothing that you put on them, whether it be shoes, socks, hats or even sunglasses. To ensure that your child's protection isn't compromised, the Explorer Sunglasses feature an adjustable strap that can secure the glasses to your baby without you having to worry about them coming loose or being lost.

This strap can even be removed to allow you to use the glasses with the traditional arms, if you prefer.

Baby Wearing Real Shades Explorer Sunglasses
The Explorer Shades feature a strap that provides security to your child

How Tough Are the Lenses?

The Explorer Glasses feature polycarbonate lenses that are very tough while providing excellent clarity. This means that you don't need to worry about the lenses shattering, and this, coupled with the strong frames, makes the glasses nearly unbreakable.

Are the Glasses Available for Younger Kids?

As well as this version for toddlers between two and four years old, we also offer the Real Shades Explorer Red/Black Sunglasses for Babies. These feature the same great frames and lenses but in a size that is suitable for babies between birth and four years of age.

How Big Are the Explorer Toddler Sunglasses?

If you want to measure whether the Explorer Shades are suitable for your child, please find a guide to the dimensions below.

Dimensions of the Explorer Toddler Sunglasses

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