Hegen PCTO Breast Feeding Complete Starter Kit (Standard Neck Adapter)
 Hegen PCTO Breast Feeding Complete Starter Kit (Standard Neck Adapter)Hegen PCTO Breast Feeding Complete Starter Kit (Standard Neck Adapter) 

Hegen PCTO Breast Feeding Complete Starter Kit (Standard Neck Adapter)

  • Breast feeding kit to reduce milk wastage
  • Ideal for busy new parents
  • Off-centre teat design mimics natural breastfeeding
  • Promotes parent-child bonding and reduces hassle
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Hegen PCTO Breast Feeding Complete Starter Kit (Standard Neck Adapter)

Your breast milk is packed full of nutrients ideal for your baby's stage of growth, so why would you waste any with an inefficient feeding system? The Hegen PCTO Breast Feeding Complete Starter Kit (Standard Neck Adapter) includes teats, containers, storage lids and breast pump adaptors, for one seamless process from expressing through to feeding!

What's Included?

What Age Range Is the Hegen PCTO Starter Kit Suitable For?

The starter kit is designed to help you through the breast feeding process, from birth right up until weaning is complete. The kit comes with both soft and medium flow teats, which are designed for babies aged 0 - 3 months and 3 - 6 months respectively. 

Key Features of the Hegen PCTO Breast Feeding Kit

Transferring breast milk between containers is a sure way to waste milk and oxidise nutrients, which is why the starter kit is designed so that you can express into, feed from, and store inside of one single vessel! Every lid, whether it's a teat, storage lid or an adaptor, is easy to remove with the simple press to close, turn to open operation, ideal for busy parents! All elements of the kit are designed to simulate natural breastfeeding, promoting parent-child bonding.

Who Can Use the Hegen PCTO Complete Kit?

The starter kit has been designed with ease of use for both parent and baby in mind! The soft square shape of the Hegen container is easy for young babies to grip, encouraging their independence. This shape also ensures the bottle won't roll away out of reach if you set it down for a moment!

Which Breast Pumps Is the Adapter Compatible With?

The adapter is compatible with most electric and manual breast pumps. It's a perfect fit for the Hegen Manual Breast Pump Module! To find out more about breast pump compatibility please email us at helpdesk@twins.co.uk.

Hegen PCTO Breast Feeding Complete Starter Kit (Standard Neck Adapter)

Patented Opening System

The revolutionary, one-handed 'PCTO' opening system stands for Press-to-Close, Twist-to-Open. This allows you to conveniently press on or twist off all PCTO lids with zero spills and hassle free-handling. That way you can use your other hand to keep your little one out of trouble!

How Does the Hegen Teat Prevent Milk Aeration and Colic?

Upset tummies and endless crying are often the result of excess air-intake while feeding. Luckily the Hegen teat features an inbuilt vent which serves to reduce excess air-intake, thereby preventing the oxidisation of precious nutrients and providing you with some much needed peace and quiet!

Unique Teat Design

It can be confusing for babies to make the transition from breast-feeding to bottle feeding, which is why the elliptical-shaped teat mimics a natural breast. Not only is this less bemusing to a hungry new-born, but the soft silicone is gentle on developing teeth and gums. The off-centre design of the teat allows your baby to feed from a more upright position, which reduces the risk of milk back-flow that can lead to mid-ear complications.

Storage Lids

The included storage lids allow you to store milk efficiently in the fridge, slotting into one another for increased stability. As your baby grows you can start to keep food in the containers too, so you can keep benefitting from the kit even then. 

Hegen PCTO Breast Feeding Complete Starter Kit (Standard Neck Adapter)

Is the Hegen Starter Kit Suitable for Microwave/Freezer Use?

The Hegen containers and lids are suitable for warming in the microwave so you can easily heat up your baby's milk. Not only this, but you can also keep it in the freezer, ideal for saving pre-prepared breast milk or food for a later date!

How Do I Clean the Starter Kit?

Every element of the kit is exceptionally easy to clean, featuring smooth interior surfaces, wide bottle openings and minimal parts. The kit is safe for washing on the top rack of the dishwasher, or with boiling water or steriliser. In addition, the kit is totally free from potential toxins such as BPA, BPS, PVC and phthalates.

What Are the Benefits of the Polyphenylsulfone (PPSU) Material?

Hegen produces a range of products made from PPSU, or polyphenylsulfone, including the containers of this starter kit! This food-safe and medical grade material is tough, lightweight and temperature resistant, while the natural amber shade adds a touch of style.

What Are the Benefits of Breast Milk?

Breast milk is more than just sustenance, it's a perfect mix of vitamins, protein and fat, ideal for the physical and cognitive development of your baby. In fact, the composition of the milk actually changes throughout the different stages of nursing to meet the changing needs of your kid! It's packed full of antibodies, boosting your child's immune system and lowering their risk of asthma or allergies.

Who Are Hegen?

Hegen views breastfeeding as one of a mother's ultimate gifts to her child, but recognises that the modern woman may struggle to maintain it alongside their busy lives. Their range of bottles and pumps are designed to enrich and prolong the breastfeeding experience, ensuring your little one keeps getting breast milk as long as they need.

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