GoSili Red Silicone Kids' Straw Top

GoSili Red Silicone Kids' Straw Top

  • Fun red no-spill straw lid
  • For use with GoSili Cups
  • Prevents mess while on-the-go
  • Both dishwasher and microwave safe silicone
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GoSili Red Silicone Kids' Straw Top

Drinking through a straw can be easier, cleaner and more fun for children. The GoSili Red Silicone Kids' Straw Top transforms any GoSili Cup into a straw-lid cup, so your toddler can keep hydrated on-the-go without fear of spills.

What Age Range Is the GoSili Kids' Straw Top Suitable For?

The Straw Top is suitable for the weaning process, ideal for babies and toddlers between six months and three years of age.

Can I Have That To Go, Please?

The top is the perfect accessory to any GoSili Cups, transforming it into a no-spill to-go cup! The design of lid means that it actually inserts into the cup for an extra-tight and reliable fit. Simply poke a GoSili Straw through the central slot, and your little one can sip at will with a reduced risk of spills!

Who Can Use the Silicone Kids' Straw Top?

As we age, we forget that we actually have to learn to drink, it's not something we're born with! Straw cups are an easy transition for babies who are done with the bottle, but not quite ready for adult cups. The 100% silicone construction is extra-soft, so there's no chance of your toddler bashing the rim against their gums and hurting themselves.

GoSili Silicone Kids' Straw Top

Are Other Colours Available?

The Silicone Top is available in a few colours so you can mix and match at will with the GoSili Cups.

This lid is supplied in a fun and bright red colour!

Microwave Safe

It might surprise you to learn that the Silicone Kids' Straw Top is 100% safe for heating in the microwave. That means what you can easily warm your child's milk or hot chocolate, without having to remove the top or decant the liquid into another container.

How Should I Clean the Straw Top?

The Top is suitable for washing in the dish washer, saving busy parents both time and effort. It is constructed from 100% silicone, which is durable, free from toxins and soft on your child's mouth.

Who Are GoSili?

New parents are often particularly concerned about the environment, which is why GoSili is dedicated to producing environmentally-friendly kids' gear. Silicone is just as cheap as plastic, and far better for the planet. This helps ensure GoSili is both a sensible and a conscientious choice!

Non-Returnable on the Grounds of Hygiene

To ensure that all products that reach our customers are of the highest possible quality, we do NOT accept returns on this item. This is due to hygiene concerns please bear this mind prior to placing your order.

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