Cuddledry Cuddletwist Kids Beige Gingham Trim Hair Towel Wrap
 Cuddledry Cuddletwist Kids Beige Gingham Trim Hair Towel WrapCuddledry Cuddletwist Kids Beige Gingham Trim Hair Towel Wrap 

Cuddledry Cuddletwist Kids Beige Gingham Trim Hair Towel Wrap

  • Beige trimmed hair towel turban
  • Great gift for kids aged 18 months and older
  • Made from soft and stretchy bamboo fibres
  • Offers 60% greater absorbency than cotton
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Cuddledry Cuddletwist Kids Beige Gingham Trim Hair Towel Wrap

Drying off is just as important as bathing, but it's hard getting your kids to do anything that doesn't involve getting water everywhere! Now your kids can dry their hair in a way they'll love with the Cuddledry Cuddletwist Kids Beige Gingham Trim Hair Towel Wrap, a snug towel turban made from 100% bamboo fibres and suitable for both boys and girls.

What Makes the Cuddletwist Special?

The Cuddletwist stays in place on your child's head, allowing their hair to dry in a cosy twist. This stops drips and excess water from getting all over your sofas and chairs.

As you can see from the video above, the Cuddletwist is incredibly easy to use and remains secure on your child's head thanks to its stretchy bamboo material!

How Can I Use the Cuddletwist Towel?

A great choice for parents looking to dry their kids hair in a smart and efficient manner, the Cuddletwist is super easy to use:

  1. Put the Cuddletwist towel on the child's head.
  2. Twist at the back and secure into the stretchy loop on top.
  3. Twist, tuck and go! It's that simple.

What Ages Is the Cuddletwist Hair Wrap Suitable For?

The Cuddletwist is primarily suited for toddlers aged from 18 months onwards. Its soft and stretchy bamboo material is high quality and will remain snug and warm over many years of use.

Award-Winning Quality

You don't have to take our word about how great the Cuddletwist hair towels are! The Cuddletwist features in many bestsellers lists, including in The Independent's best hair towels list.

Are Other Colours Available?

This Cuddletwist is supplied with a beige gingham trim along the edges. We also offer the Cuddletwist in the following styles:

See the soft white design of the Cuddletwist bamboo wrap

What Is the Cuddletwist Beige Gingham Towel Made From?

The Cuddletwist is made from silky soft natural bamboo fibres, which provides 60% more absorbent qualities than cotton! This means the Cuddletwist will dry your child's hair in minutes, but they might be reluctant to take it off - it's that comfy!

Non-Returnable on the Grounds of Hygiene

To ensure that all products that reach our customers are of the highest possible quality, we do NOT accept returns on this item. This is due to hygiene concerns please bear this mind prior to placing your order.

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