Beurer NA20 Nasal Aspirator for Infants and Children

Beurer NA20 Nasal Aspirator for Infants and Children

  • Aspirator for clearing your baby's stuffy nose
  • Suitable for children aged 0 - 12 years old
  • Components can be removed and cleaned easily
  • Single button operation for simple use
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Beurer NA20 Nasal Aspirator for Infants and Children

Is your child or infant often bothered by a stuffy nose? A blocked nasal passage can wreak all sorts of havoc on a child's daily schedule, and can even make it harder for them to eat and fall asleep. Thankfully with the Beurer NA20 Nasal Aspirator you'll be able to rid them of their discomfort quickly and easily, so they can enjoy life to the full!

What's Included In My Purchase?

  • 1 x Aspirator
  • 1 x Wide Silicone Attachment
  • 1 x Slim Silicone Attachment
  • 2 x 1.5 V AA batteries
  • User Instruction Manual

Why Should I Choose the Beurer NA20 Aspirator?

  • Super Easy to Use - Clearing nasal decongestion isn't a fun process for you or your child, which is why the Beurer NA20 aspirator is designed to be as quick and straightforward as possible. All you need to do is lightly insert the silicon head into your child's nostril, and hold down the ON/OFF button until their nasal cavity has been cleared.
  • Hygienic Design - The last thing you'd want is for additional bacteria to be introduced into your child's nasal cavity. To guarantee hygienic use, all parts of the the Beurer NA20 Aspirator including the silicon attachments and secretion container can be removed and cleaned with disinfectant.
  • Gentle On Little Noses - To minimise any discomfort or upset for your child, the Beurer NA20 uses light suction to gently remove any nasal blockages. The silicon heads are also very soft, so they should cause your little one any pain.

What Age Range Is the Beurer NA20 Aspirator Suitable For?

The NA20 nasal aspirator is suitable for alleviating blocked noses in infants and children aged 0-12 years old. Don't allow your child to use the device on themselves; always make sure a responsible adult is in charge of the operation!

What Makes This Aspirator Perfect for Twins?

You might be able to handle one runny nose, but two can be a little more challenging. The Beurer NA20 can help by thoroughly clearing your children's noses before meals or bed so the whole family can enjoy their food and sleep in peace. While the device can be shared, you will need to replace the entire head unit before using it on another person.

Why Are There Two Silicon Attachments?

Whether your child is all stuffed up or reaching for tissues, the Beurer NA20 Aspirator is here to help. The wider silicon attachment is designed specifically for clearing stuffy noses caused by more solid secretions, while the slim silicon head can be used to tackle a drippy nose.

Is the Beurer NA20 Device Portable?

If your child suffers from allergies or needs to be taken to a doctor, you might have to clean their nose on the move. As the Beurer NA20 is battery operated, and weighs little over 138g, it can be easily place in a bag and used for decongestion anywhere, at any time.

How Do I Clean the Beurer NA20 Aspirator?

You should clean your aspirator after every use by disinfecting the silicone attachments, nasal secretion container, rubber seal and valve, and the devices exterior. The secretion container and silicon attachments can also be boiled to ensure they are completely free from germs.

Features and Benefits

  • Single button operation is very easy to use
  • Silicone attachments are soft and won't cause discomfort
  • For thorough clearing, the aspirator contains a strong motor with a max suction pressure of 500 mmHg (66 kPa)
  • Compact design; ideal for use on the move
  • The device operates so quietly, it can even be used while your child is sleeping
  • The container is fixed with patented back-flow prevention so secretions cannot escape
  • For easy hygiene management, the head unit, silicone attachments and nasal secretion container can be detached and cleaned
  • The nasal secretion container and the silicone attachments can also be boiled
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 169 x 43 x 75 mm
  • Weight (excluding batteries): 138g
  • Maximum Suction Pressure: 500mmHg (66 kPa)
  • Sound Pressure: < 75dB (measured at a distance of 30cm)
  • Materials:
    • Material Housing and head unit: ABS
    • Nasal secretion container: PC
    • Silicone attachment: Silicone
  • Batteries required: 2 x 1.5 V type AA, Mignon (LR6)
  • Battery life in continuous operation: > 90 minutes
  • Expected Lifespan: 5 years
  • Operating conditions:
    • Temperature: 16°C to 35°C (61°F to 95°F)
    • Humidity: < 85%
    • Ambient pressure: 700 hPa to 1060 hPa
  • Storage Conditions:
    • Temperature: -25°C to +55°C (-13°F to 131°F) 
    • Humidity: < 85%
    • Ambient pressure: 700 hPa - 1060 hPa

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