TensCare Gold-Plated Vaginal Electrode with Pointer

TensCare Gold-Plated Vaginal Electrode with Pointer

  • Gold-plated electrode for use with most muscle stimulators
  • Nickel-free gold probe for those with allergies to base metals
  • Vaginal electrode for electrostimulation and biofeedback
  • Ideal for use with EMG Biofeedback equipment
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Special order

TensCare Gold-Plated Vaginal Electrode with Pointer

Pelvic stimulators such as the TensCare Elise 2 Postpartum Incontinence Pelvic Trainer provide the best solution for new mothers looking to beat incontinence, but many standard vaginal probes include nickel or other base metals which can cause allergic reactions. The TensCare Gold-Plated Vaginal Electrode with Pointer can be used with most stimulators and EMG biofeedback equipment, and is made with gold plating for those with allergies to nickel and other base metals.

How Does the Gold-Plated Vaginal Probe Work?

The Gold-Plated Vaginal Electrode is designed to be used with most muscle stimulators and EMG biofeedback equipment. It functions in the same manner as the probe provided with most muscle stimulators, only differing in the materials used for manufacturing.

Which Pelvic Trainers Can the Gold-Plated Probe Be Used With?

This probe is suitable for use with most muscle stimulators, including:

How Does the Biofeedback Pointer Work?

Included with this product is a biofeedback pointer, which is to be attached to the base of the probe in order to gauge correct muscle contraction. It can be used with stimulation, or to aid kegel exercises. The pointer moves downwards to show a correct contraction.

Directions for Use

Before connecting the probe to your muscle stimulator, just make sure that the unit is turned off. This internal probe electrode cannot be sterilised, and is intended for single users only!

Cleaning Instructions

This probe can be cleaned with cold soapy water, or a pad soaked in surgical spirit, then rinsed with cleaning running water. It should then be dried with a paper towel. Please note that alcohol solution is NOT suitable for cleaning this probe.


Do not use this probe for muscle stimulation in cases of:

  • Muscle disorders
  • Bladder or vaginal infection
  • Cervical cancer
  • Epilepsy
  • Implanted pacemakers
  • Pregnancy

Non-Returnable on the Grounds of Hygiene

To ensure that all products that reach our customers are of the highest possible quality, we do NOT accept returns on this item. This is due to hygiene concerns please bear this mind prior to placing your order.

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